Master Vaginal Dilator Techniques With The Clinician's Four-Part Guide!

The Vaginal Dilator Kit provides you with professional handouts and illustrations, streamlining your homecare instructions, increasing client satisfaction, and ultimately saving you time and money.

Many of you were left to figure out how to use dilators on your own, with hardly any professional guidance.

So, you’ve done what any good clinician does, which is utilize the resources available to you. Vendors selling dilators offer some education about techniques. But it’s often...

  • geared toward patients
  • not a guide for you, the clinician
  • not helpful in teaching actual techniques to help your patients through a dilator program.

And if you’ve looked, you know the literature to support specific dilator protocols or techniques is sparse. Plenty of research to support dilator use, zero research to demonstrate the techniques you need to get real results.

There is a definite gap in clinical instruction surrounding dilator techniques. Some clinicians are lucky enough to have guidance from a mentor, but many of you were the only pelvic floor therapist around after completing your course work, and have been going at it alone all these years. At the very least… deserve a guide to provide you with dilator ideas you may not have tried or thought about before. Clinician to clinician, from someone who’s been in your shoes.

Sadly, not enough employers offer the mentorship or guidance you need, and continuing education surrounding specific dilator techniques is limited. 

By purchasing this Four-Part Guide, you’re introduced to a host of dilator methods. You’re able to decide which techniques to use with each client. You gain lifetime access to up-to-date dilator information and references plus any additions or edits over time. 

This is not a protocol, but rather a comprehensive library of vaginal dilator information. 

This kit is designed to be user-friendly and to simplify your paperwork, maximizing efficiency. The PDF handouts have a customizable comment box for electronic or handwritten client-specific instruction as well.

Key Features and Benefits

Vaginal Dilator Kit Review

“As a pelvic PT, this is the most comprehensive set of handouts on dilator training that I have ever come across! The handouts break down a sometimes intimidating and vulnerable topic into digestible pieces that are incredibly easy to understand from the patient’s perspective. They also account for the influence of the autonomic nervous system in the process, with instructions on mindfulness practice, visualization and breathwork. I particularly appreciate the progressive techniques for dilator training that can be offered individually across sessions or in clusters, depending on where your patient is in their process.”

- Julie Baron, PT, DPT, CSCS, PCES (she/her/hers)

What's Inside the Vaginal Dilator Kit?

The Vaginal Dilator Kit is a patient/client education product for practitioners. The download is a 'packet' of essential educational instructions and clear illustrations that assist your clients in the essential steps of vaginal dilator use. Each section is carefully structured to address various aspects of their treatment journey, from mental readiness to physical techniques.

  1. Mindfulness & Breathing: these handouts provide your clients with specific, evidence-based techniques to prepare the mind and body for dilator use. Written in plain language your clients will understand, this section is most helpful for your clients who need step-by-step instructions on how to breathe and prepare the mind for dilator use.
  2. Pelvic Anatomy and Self-Care: this section lays the foundation for dilator use. We know based on the literature that patients who are educated about their anatomy fare better during pelvic rehab. Part 2 allows you to continue to support your clients on their journey to dilator use. From learning terms, to taking care of their pelvic area, to turning pelvic muscles on and off, to mobilizing tissue — all important parts of education to implement prior to dilator use.

3. Foundations for Dilator Use: these handouts provide you with everything you need to get your patients ready for dilator training. There are many steps to consider and educate clients about, including how to take care of their dilators, which types of dilators are appropriate for which treatment goals, lubricants, what to expect concerning pain or discomfort, and two final handouts covering all the questions I was asked most frequently during my years in clinical practice. 

4. Specific Dilator Techniques: the section you’ve been wishing for! Medically accurate drawings of several different specific dilator techniques complete with descriptions regarding why you may choose to use each different technique. I learned over the years there are certain specific ways to utilize dilators depending on the intended outcomes, and wanted a better way to educate patients and reinforce my clinical education at home. Part 4 does exactly this.

Educational Material Target Audience: These patient education handouts are written for your clients. They speak to anyone who needs preparation and directions for vaginal dilator use.

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A 2023 Literature Summary


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