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Kathe offers educational products and continuing education. The products and courses are online & self-paced for practitioners. The web-based platform Teachable allows participants to move through content at their own pace and pose questions to be answered by Kathe along the way. Courses center on multi-media curriculum developed by Kathe, featuring videos, slides, handouts and clinic guides.

Current Offerings

Vaginal Dilator Kit
Client Education Handouts

Created to provide healthcare professionals and their clients with a solid foundation to embark on a successful dilator treatment program. It is designed to streamline your homecare instructions and reinforce your education in the clinic. It contains 30+ professional handouts and illustrations with a customizable comment box. This is not a protocol, but a library of vaginal dilator educational information. 

Pressure Posture Pulls and Performance
Pressure, Posture, Pulls and Performance
in Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Inspired by the increasing interest in more than just pelvic floor exercise in the management of pelvic floor dysfunction (PFD), this course integrates a whole body approach to understanding pressure management by presenting state-of-the art research. Learn how simple changes in posture and breathing may improve your patients presenting symptoms and enhance sports performance. This course contains both foundational and advanced topics 7 credit hours.

Pelvic Floor Support Systems
Pelvic Floor Support Systems in Postpartum Recovery, Pelvic Pain & Prolapse

This comprehensive course is a must-have experience for pelvic health practitioners. Your will gain a greater level of understanding vaginal fascial deficits, perineocele, enterocele, levator ani (LA) avulsion and sites of pelvic pain referral by viewing examination videos. and lectures demonstrating internal pelvic floor evaluation techniques with and without a 1/2 speculum. Kathe uses lectures, exam videos, handouts, case studies and clinic guides. 10 credit hours.

title image for Pelvic Floor Examination Techniques Review
Pelvic Floor Examination Techniques Review

This review contains selected examination techniques, helping early practitioners build confidence and established clinicians hone their skill set. You'll have lifetime access to more than 20 videos and several handouts produced by Kathe. The videos use a combination of live and anatomical models to demonstrate a variety of internal and external vaginal evaluation techniques. This is not a comprehensive review but a curated selection of exam techniques.

Bundle A text: PFSS + PPPP
Bundle A:
Pelvic Floor Support Systems
& Pressure, Posture, Pulls & Performance

Bundle up Kathe's two signature courses for a comprehensive package of pelvic health pearls. Combined to a total of 17 credit hours, these courses bring both depth and breadth to the practice of pelvic health professionals. Bundle discounts total costs by $102!

What People Are Saying

"I definitely gained new clinical skills and learned so much and has changed the way I evaluate and treat my patients. Kathe is an excellent teacher and I am so grateful for all her clinical pearls. She is an institution in this field."

Janice Paredes- Alvarez, PT, DPT, CLT-LANA

"It is clear to me that Kathe’s ability as a teacher comes from her experience, caring, willingness to listen and desire to learn from her patients. She creates an environment that is a perfect balance of focus and fun. My advice, take a course from her earlier in your career rather than later!"

Karen Greeley PT, OCS, COMT, FAAOMPT

"Using the Teachable format, it was really helpful having videos and images of actual people to visualize how various types of fascial defects present. Sometimes in the in-person courses, you may not ever see an actual prolapse. So this was hugely helpful in having description along with visualization of what structures were affected. My ability to assess fascial supports has improved, and I've been incorporating many other tools from the course already."


Screen Captures From Kathe's Courses

from Pressure, Posture, Pulls and Performance

from Pelvic Floor Examination Techniques Review

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