Kit Introduction and Description

Hello, and welcome to this comprehensive PDF download resource for the use of vaginal dilators. This download is designed to provide you with a structured and effective approach to using vaginal dilators as part of a rehabilitative treatment plan. I've taken great care to create this set of materials because I've noticed a significant gap in clinical guidance when it comes to the appropriate use of vaginal dilators for multiple types of medical conditions.

This Vaginal Dilator Kit presents a 4-part approach based on solid principles, with a complete reference guide. It incorporates both mental and physical aspects of dilator care to achieve the best outcomes for your clients. As you explore this kit, you'll find each part with a specific focus to guide you through the process. The kit incorporates both mental and physical aspects of dilator treatment.

Part 1 is about laying some mental groundwork for successful dilator training. If you find your clients needing to overcome mental barriers or uncertainties, these six handouts provide the tools they need to get started.

Part 2 dives into pelvic/genital anatomy and function, with nine handouts to help your clients better understand themselves. The literature supports improved outcomes for clients with increased awareness and knowledge.

In Part 3, there are seven handouts to help prepare your clients for their dilator program. These materials cover topics like types of dilators, lubricants, pain management, and answers to common questions that clients just like yours have raised.

In Part 4, there are ten different dilator techniques. Each technique is tailored to address specific concerns, whether it's scar tissue, post-radiation therapy, post-surgical situations, or vaginoplasty. It's important to remember that not every technique is suitable for every client. Each client’s unique needs and circumstances will guide your selection.

My goal in creating this resource is to provide healthcare professionals and their clients with a solid foundation to embark on a successful dilator treatment program. It's my hope that these materials fill the gaps I encountered when I first began treating this client population. Thank you for choosing this resource.

Your Partner in Pelvic Health Education and Resources,


Acknowledgements — I want to thank my production team Chenae Day, PT, DPT of Benevolent Copy; Grace Felton, PT, DPT; and Natasha Sandalcidi, OTS for their graphic, editing and administrative support. I appreciate your skills in developing this kit. I could not have done this project without you.

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