What participants are saying:

“Thank you, Kathe, for this excellent course on prolapse management and so much more! The content is so well organized, with great literature reviews and hugely comprehensive. I have a much clearer picture of the anatomy, better understanding of how to do internal, external, and functional evaluations and a plethora of ways to help manage symptoms and strive for improvements. Many takeaways include understanding POP-Q, gh/pb and standing exams, levator ani injury assessment, adding phonation and looking more closely at function. I learned the importance of communicating prolapse to my patients in a more positive and encouraging way. With much gratitude!”

"The videos were excellent. I appreciated going at my own pace, stopping and starting when needed to absorb the new info. Loved how Kathe was able to insert her personal pearls in the video section."

“I have carried many parts of this course into my daily practice revising my approach to teaching breathing. This has been a particularly helpful tool with transitioning to telehealth.”

"I greatly appreciate that this course summarized many philosophies without apparent bias. I grew exponentially from this course." 

"Excellent course. Clear and concise with excellent video demonstrations. Up to date literature provided along with reviews. Lots of handy info sheets and tips to start using in clinic straight away."

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